04 Dec,2022

How to choose the right flange gasket?

How to choose the right gasket for a piping application? To select the right flange gasket, piping engineers should consider the following 4 key factors: fluid type, process temperature/pressure, disorganized emission patterns, and other general considerations.

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25 Jul,2017

"The first single offshore wind power", struggling to move

More than half a year has passed, "the first single offshore wind power" is still struggling. The first batch of offshore wind power concession bidding project bidding, more uncertainties, slow construction, hydrographic sounding just done, air traffic control, waterways, radar coordination work has not been completed. The reason for the slow progress is mainly due to the following aspects: First, supporting regulations and policies are not yet complete, the "Interim Measures for the Management of Offshore Wind Power Development and Construction" rules have not yet been introduced. Second, the government's preliminary work is not in place, increasing some of the costs of enterprises. After the first batch of bidding, offshore planning was re-changed, resulting in Longyuan Power's preliminary work being wasted. Third, the project's implementation experience is insufficient, corresponding to the quality of the turbine to be improved. Fourth, the low price of the winning bid, the enterprise profit is less.

24 Jul,2017

The government is concerned about the enterprise, the leadership of the New Year research

Before the Spring Festival, the mayor of Xinzhou City Zheng Liansheng, accompanied by Dingxiang County Mayor Wang Zhidong, went to Shanxi Shuanghuan Heavy Machinery Co. Mayor Zheng affirmed the achievements of Shuanghuan in the financial crisis, production and operation to maintain steady development, and encouraged Shuanghuan to crack the production and operation problems in the transformation and development with the courage of reform to achieve the development goal of "forging famous brand products and creating top 100 enterprises".

24 Jul,2017

Improve the connotation of the enterprise to meet the spring of new energy industry

The fermentation and prolongation of the global economic crisis made the forging industry fall into the trough. Shanxi Shuanghuan Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. aims to improve the connotation of the enterprise to meet the spring of the new energy industry during the cold winter period of the industry. Under the personal organization of the chairman of the company, all staffs were trained in batches and phases on the standardized management of enterprises. In the form of inviting in and going out, we hired enterprise management experts to teach at the factory and organized practical training for employees in the field. To improve the competitiveness of the enterprise, we received good results.