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Shaft forgings

Shaft forgings are cylindrical objects worn in the middle of a bearing or in the middle of a wheel or in the middle of a gear. Shafts are mechanical parts that support rotating parts and rotate with them to transmit motion, torque or bending moment. It is generally a round metal rod, and each segment can have a different diameter. The rotating parts of the machine are mounted on the shaft, and can also be used as workpieces in large equipment or as piston rods in cylinders.





Detailed Description

The company's current leading products are offshore and onshore wind power tower connecting flanges and towers; slewing bearing rings; gear rings; large forgings (shafts, cakes, barrels, etc.); large national standard, American standard and German standard series flanges; and large tonnage forging manipulators.

The company has 298 employees, including 19 with senior technical titles, 36 with intermediate technical titles and 220 skilled workers.

The company takes forging as the platform, Six Sigma management and 6S management as the carrier, quality, safety and environmental protection management as the focus, and constantly strengthens the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

The company can produce 80,000 tons of forgings such as flanges, rings, offshore land wind power flanges, towers, large cakes, shafts and cylinders, etc. The annual output value and sales can be as high as 800 million yuan, generating profits and taxes of 150 million yuan. Among them: ring forgings up to 8000mm in diameter, other forgings up to 50T in single weight.


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