Onshore wind power flange

Onshore wind power flange is a connecting part between the towers of professional onshore wind power generation devices, usually ring pieces with diameters ranging from 2 meters to 7 meters, which are divided into three categories: bottom flange, connecting flange and top flange.

Offshore wind power flange

Offshore wind power flange is a connecting part professionally used between the towers of offshore wind power generation devices or between the towers and the towers, which is usually a ring piece with a diameter of 7 meters or more with different specifications, which is divided into bottom flange, connecting flange and top flange.

Pressure vessel flange

Pressure vessel flange is a flange connected between pressure vessel cylinder and head, cylinder and barrel or head and pipe plate, with the same role as pipe flange, similar in appearance, but not interchangeable due to different definitions of nominal diameter. Its role is to make different pressurized components combined together, while ensuring that the connected parts do not produce leakage.

Shaft forgings

Shaft forgings are cylindrical objects worn in the middle of a bearing or in the middle of a wheel or in the middle of a gear. Shafts are mechanical parts that support rotating parts and rotate with them to transmit motion, torque or bending moment. It is generally a round metal rod, and each segment can have a different diameter. The rotating parts of the machine are mounted on the shaft, and can also be used as workpieces in large equipment or as piston rods in cylinders.

Pie forgings

Pie forgings are mainly used in pressure vessel piping, to set up or support the role of the thin tube inserted inside the pipe plate.

Barrel forgings

Barrel forgings are key components of various large machinery and equipment, such as turbine rotors, generator rings, hydraulic turbine spindles, nuclear power pipe plates and heads of thermal power generation equipment, steel mill rolls in the metallurgical industry, reactor barrels, crankshafts and rudder bars in the shipbuilding industry of the petrochemical industry.
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